1996-Blues Trackers begin their musical journey with their first gigs in Larissa. Soon they start

making some hot gigs in all the central Greece.  


2000-After a lot of member changes, the group takes a form that holds for almost ten years. Tasos

Litridis on guitar and vocals, Panos Badikouthis on guitar,vocals,harp and piano, Sakis Smarnakis on

bass (replaced from Marios Spiliotopoulos in 2011) and Teo Triadafillou on drums and vocals.  


2001-This year the group makes appearances in all Greece with a big succes and takes part to

international festivals like the Balkan Youth Festival, the Harley Davidson European Super Rally and

the parapente world championship.  


2002-In May of that year they do their first studio recording. One afternoon was enough for the

band to play six well known covers of blues and rock songs and give to them a different color and a

new style.  


2003-They accompany the legendary Louisiana Red for first time at his Greek "birthday" tour and

they begin a friendship that will bring them on stage together again the next years. In the same

time they play weekly gigs in Volos and Larissa and they make a big number of funs that support

the group in every gig.  



2004-The blues trio of Blue Roux coming from New Orleans was that years big event for the Trackers. Three musicfull orlean ladies together with the Trackers on stage was something



2005-The Jolly Horns, an amazing horn duet from Volos with Fanis Panagiotopoulos on tenor sax and Fotis Azizis on trumpet come to join the band that year. Hot gigs with funky blues and

soul tunes. Blues Wire great guitarist Elias Zaikos appears with the band for two unique concerts. Fanis Panagiotopoulos since then becomes the fifth member of the band.  


2006-The thessalian quartet this year is playing together with the fabulus singer Nellie ’Tiger’ Travis from Chicago making for once again an impressing performance. In August of the same

year the front man of the group Panos Badikouthis releases his first personal album titled «BLUES PEOPLE». Many great musicians appear in this album like George Bandoek, Elias Zaikos,

Alex Apostolakis, Sotiris Zissis and the upcoming band of LMC .


2007-Louisiana Red, Elias Zaikos and Panos Badikouthis are met in the scene of Art Deco for one unique night.Three generations of blues musicians together on the same scene. A few

weeks earlier the Blues Trackers open one of the biggest bands in the rock history Dr. Feelgood and in November of the same year the bass player Glenn Hughes of the legendary Deep



2010-The band gets in the studio and it's the first that they record their own songs. The upcoming album entitled "Smells Like Trouble" comes out the next year including ten Blues

Trackers originals written from the band members.  


2011-Together with the new album is coming a new bass player for the band. The line up is changing after almost ten years. Marios Spiliotopoulos, a good friend from the past and a

wonderful musician gives a new rhythm groove to the band.  





Smells Like Trouble




















Blues People



















Contact with the band & booking information:   WEBSITE:   VIDEOS:  

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