In the words of blues prodigy Katie Webster, "Blues Wire are the best blues band in Europe and

deserve to be heard by a wider audience".

According to everybody who has ever witnessed a Blues Wire gig this band is one of Europe 's best

kept blues secrets and they should finally get the chance to be known to blues lovers around the world.

The Blues Wire story began in 1983 when Sotiris Zisis (bass) and Elias Zaikos formed Blues Gang

(who renamed themselves as Blues Wire in 1985), the very first blues band in Greece that tried to

capture the original sounds of blues legends like Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and T-Bone Walker. They

recorded the first blues album ever to be made by Greek musicians, at a time when it was really

difficult to play music without obvious roots in Greek culture, let alone get a record deal for it. Back

then, playing the blues not only could make someone almost an outcast, but it also meant dealing with

shady characters and going through hard times. The only ways for a blues band to go through these

times was to be tough, determined and stay true to the spirit that moved them in the first place.

It was these qualities that saw Blues Wire rise from a struggling blues band to full-grown, seasoned

artists with their own distinctive sound.

Thousands of gigs in every kind of venue imaginable, scores of TV and radio show appearances in

Greece as well as abroad and an enviable recording expertise have helped define their tight and

recognizable sound, a mix of passion and maturity that only comes with experience. Playing festivals

and clubs in countries like France , Italy , Austria and Hungary (among others) not only consolidated

their reputation but also proved that they are long past the novelty aspect of being a blues band

coming from Greece .

Their infectious live act has captured the minds and the hearts of audiences

everywhere and has earned them many an enthusiastic press reviews all around Europe .

Through the years Blues Wire have often backed up top blues artists such as Louisiana Red, Katie

Webster, John Hammond, Larry Garner, Big Time Sarah, Carey and Lurrie Bell, Angela Brown,

Big Jay McNeely, Al Copley and Jeanne Carroll, to mention a few, proving they can keep up with the

best of them. They have also opened for legendary musicians like Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Albert King, Otis Rush, the Yardbirds and The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Their skill and musicianship led to memorable jam sessions with blues pioneers like Champion Jack Dupree, rising stars like Sherman Robertson and well-known British blues players like

Dave Kelly.

The band's versatility and open hearted attitude brought up spontaneous performances together with many musicians of different styles, ranging from Brit-jazzer Dick Heckstall-

Smith to Australian songwriter Louis Tillett and from Canvey Island R&B masters Doctor Feelgood to members of Osibisa.

Blues Wire has provided the foundation of the Greek blues scene and the main inspiration for many younger musicians. For five years they were the house band at Pararlama, the first and

most famous blues club in Greece .

After a career spanning more than twenty years, Blues Wire are now busier than ever. Spanning yet another mark in their long career, their last studio album showcases a more varied,

elaborate and eclectic sound.

Blues Wire may have moved on to another level but their essence remains intact.



Discography :


Blues Gang:


DIG IT (1984)

This is the very first blues album in Greek discography. We didn’t know that at the time but then again we didn’t know much about anything. Sound

simple but real authentic.

To be reissued on a single remaster CD (prob. as THE BLUES GANG STORY)
















Marks the first attempt to create something original. More up tempo than our first, no covers.

To be reissued on a single remaster CD (prob. as THE BLUES GANG STORY)















FIVE LIVE (1985)

A “live in the studio” mini LP, an evening with some friends, lotsa beers and music we love.

To be reissued on a single remaster CD (prob. as THE BLUES GANG STORY)














Blues Wire:



WHO’S CALLING ? (1987)

First BLUES WIRE album and first steps into a more “professional” path. Many friends gathered for this one.

















Standard blues way in every aspect. Few hours before our gig together went to the recording studio, played for some time, gear packed and off back

to the club. Nice.














Bulldog Boogie (1993)


















Perhaps our most vintage sounding album, thanks to the classic GTR-HARP-BS-DRMS line-up. Wait for a new remaster edition including all the

outtakes from session.














FENCE (2001)

Now, that’s different! After some years of listening, experimenting and jamming, we ended up playing music that draws from many styles, presenting

the best way how this band feels, breathes and lives through its original songs.















LIVE! (2002)

Recorded at earlier time in SKOPJE , this one – apart from being our first live disk - follows the steps of STEADY GIG with bonus an extra enthusiastic

crowd that constantly push, creating great atmosphere. A night to remember.













Elias Zaikos' discography:




First solo EZ album with acoustic blues in which plays and sings everything. Later some songs released in BS and T album.















 OFF THE BOX (1998)

All instrumental, breaks away from standard blues format (the remaster edition contains extra bonuses).

















Solo and band recordings from 1989 to 2000 covering a wide musical range. Mostly blues based stuff, acoustic and electric with some ballads and live


















Semi acoustic live album with friends Nick Beltsios, George Doumas and Yiannis Economidis. This is pure and lose music, we really enjoyed it.















JIMI JAM (2003)

Classic electric trio sound, live from an evening dedicated to the music and spirit of Jimi Hendrix. We played a 45 minute set, here’s everything plus

a bonus long track.















The official website:


some videos.







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